Clinical characteristics, activity levels and mental health problems in children with long coronavirus disease: a survey of 510 children

The study “Clinical characteristics, activity levels, and mental health problems in children with long coronavirus disease: a survey of 510 children” by Danilo Buonsenso et al. provides a detailed examination of the long-term impacts of COVID-19 on children.

Here’s a detailed summary of the study:

Study Overview

  • Objective: To investigate the clinical characteristics, physical activity levels, and mental health issues in children experiencing long-term effects of COVID-19.
  • Methodology: The study involved a survey of 510 children, gathering comprehensive data on various health aspects post-COVID-19.

Key Findings

  • Physical Activity: The study found a notable decline in children’s physical activity levels post-COVID-19. Children who were more active before COVID-19 were slightly more likely to return to their previous activity levels, but overall rates remained low.
  • Mental Health Issues: A significant number of children reported neuropsychiatric symptoms such as:
    • Lack of concentration (60.6% of the sample)
    • Difficulty remembering information (45.9%)
    • Difficulty with everyday tasks (40%)
    • Difficulty processing information (32.7%)
    • Short-term memory issues (32.7%)
  • Prevalence of Mental Health Problems: Over half of the children (54.7%) experienced at least three mental health issues, with a smaller percentage facing two or one issue. Approximately a quarter of the children did not report any mental health or cognitive issues.


  • Concern for Parents and Caregivers: The study highlights the need for parents and healthcare providers to be vigilant about both the physical and mental health of children post-COVID-19.
  • Guidance for Healthcare Providers: The findings emphasize the importance of comprehensive post-COVID care for children, including mental health support.


  • Significance of Findings: The study underscores the profound impact of COVID-19 on children, not just physically but also mentally and cognitively. It calls for greater awareness and tailored healthcare strategies for managing long COVID in children.
  • Need for Further Research: The study suggests a need for continued research into the long-term effects of COVID-19 in pediatric populations, particularly regarding mental health and cognitive functioning.

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