Remission of Severe Long COVID Following Monoclonal Antibody Infusions: A Groundbreaking Study

A study published in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine reports a significant breakthrough in the treatment of severe Long COVID. The study focused on the rapid and complete remission of severe long COVID symptoms following the administration of specific monoclonal antibody (MCA) infusions.

Key Findings:

  1. Objective and Design: The study aimed to report cases of rapid remission of severe long COVID symptoms following MCA infusions and explore the pathophysiological implications. It involved detailed case histories of three middle-aged individuals who had developed severe, chronic symptoms post-acute COVID-19 infection. These symptoms included unrelenting fatigue, cognitive impairment, and various other disabling conditions​​.
  2. Subjects and Intervention: The subjects, two women and one man aged between 43 and 63, all previously healthy and highly functional, received the casirivimab/imdevimab cocktail as part of their treatment. Each reported unexpected complete remissions within days of MCA treatment​​.
  3. Results and Observations: All three subjects experienced complete remission of their persistent symptoms within a week of MCA infusion. This remission allowed them to return to their normal health and previous lifestyles, with sustained results over two years later. These remissions were corroborated by family members and loved ones, underscoring the dramatic and unanticipated recovery after months of severe debilitation​​​​.
  4. Implications and Conclusions: The study provides compelling clinical signals that MCA infusions may be capable of treating long COVID in certain cases, even those with severe debilitation. While the complete and sustained remissions observed may be specific to long COVID resulting from pre-Delta variants and the specific MCA infused, the rapid and complete remissions observed offer mechanistic implications for treating other post-viral chronic conditions and long COVID from other variants​​.
  5. Methodological Approach: The study was compliant with the Helsinki Declaration and was reviewed by the Florida Department of Health Ethics and Human Research Protection Program. Each participant provided consent to report their cases, and they were given a standardized survey to assess the severity of 33 signs/symptoms associated with long COVID across different phases of their illness​​.

In summary, this study presents a promising avenue for treating severe long COVID, highlighting the potential of monoclonal antibody treatments in providing rapid and sustained relief from debilitating post-COVID conditions.

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