Shining a Light on Long COVID: An Analysis of Workers’ Compensation Data

The study titled “Shining a Light on Long COVID: An Analysis of Workers’ Compensation Data,” conducted by the New York State Insurance Fund (NYSIF), offers valuable insights into Long COVID’s impact.

Here’s a detailed summary:

Executive Summary:

  • Long COVID’s Enigma: Long COVID presents as a mix of persistent physical and neurological symptoms in some individuals post-COVID-19 recovery, posing significant public health challenges and questions regarding its causes, prevention, vulnerability, and impact.

Key Findings:

  1. Prevalence of Long COVID Among Claimants: Approximately one-third (31% or 977 individuals) of claimants suffered from Long COVID, though this rate has decreased over time, inversely correlating with increased vaccination rates.
  2. Gender Disparity: Long COVID was more prevalent among female workers (37%) compared to male workers (26%).
  3. Work Impact: Around 18% of Long COVID claimants haven’t returned to work for more than a year, most being under 60 years of age. Conversely, 40% managed to return to work within 60 days while still receiving treatment.
  4. Age Factor: Adults over 60 faced significant difficulties in returning to regular work life, with challenges intensifying with age.
  5. Comorbidities and Hospitalization: Nearly all claimants with comorbidities or those hospitalized initially experienced Long COVID.
  6. Essential Workers at Risk: The study suggests that Long COVID rates among essential workers might be higher than reported, indicating a potential oversight in policy considerations.


  • The study’s findings illuminate gaps in the labor market, potentially explaining unfilled jobs and declining labor participation rates since the pandemic’s onset.
  • Long COVID poses emerging challenges for employees and employers, affecting millions of Americans and potentially causing mental health issues and professional stigma.
  • The study calls attention to the need for better understanding and policy solutions to assist COVID survivors in managing long-term symptoms.

Future Scope:

  • NYSIF plans to continue this research series to enhance understanding and inform policy solutions for Long COVID​​.

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