Cognitive Dysfunction After COVID-19

Here is a detailed summary of study “Cognitive dysfunction after covid-19” by Emma Ladds. Introduction Key Statistics Cognitive Impairment in Long COVID Causes and Risk Factors Diagnosis and Management Patient Perspective Research and Resources Conclusion This detailed summary captures the essential aspects of the study, providing insights into the prevalence, nature, and management of cognitive dysfunction following COVID-19. For further detailed information, readers are encouraged to refer to the full study. Read More:

Microstructural brain abnormalities, fatigue, and cognitive dysfunction after mild COVID-19

The study titled “Microstructural brain abnormalities, fatigue, and cognitive dysfunction after mild COVID-19” aimed to investigate cognitive dysfunction and brain changes in individuals who experienced mild SARS-CoV-2 infection. A total of 97 unvaccinated individuals, with a median age of 41 years, were examined approximately 79 days (median) after their COVID-19 diagnosis. The participants underwent semi-structured interviews, neurological examinations, 3T-MRI scans, and neuropsychological assessments. The study excluded individuals with current or a history of psychiatric symptoms, including anxiety and depression, to avoid biases related to brain changes and cognitive dysfunction associated with these conditions. Key Findings: Conclusions: The study suggests that…